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ERRC and Its Partner Asked Protection for Roma in Naples –

“Budapest, Naples, 14 March 2014: The European Roma Rights Centre and its partner Chi Rom e…Chi No today sent a letter of concern  to the Italian authorities to ask for protection for Roma in Naples who were victims of physical attacks on 11 and 12 March 2014. According to media reports and witnesses, an informal … Continue reading

Nationalism and unchecked violence in Bulgaria: Deutsche Welle

Excerpt:  “Releasing a defendent on bail who faces murder charges can provoke protests in any country in the world. But this time, in Sofia, it’s a different story. Last week, a man was released who is not only indicted for murder, but is seen as a symbol for a movement of racially motivated violence that … Continue reading

Roma activists call for government to move against Jobbik-allied groups |

“The heads of three Roma rights organisations called on Hungary’s government and the authorities to prevent “extreme right organisations and criminals” from disturbing the residents of Hungarian villages and incite hatred. Jeno Zsigo of the Roma Parliament, Aladar Horvath of the Civic Rights Movement for the Republic and Jeno Setet of the We Belong Here … Continue reading

Far Right Protest of Roma in Hungary Highlights Growing Tensions – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Includes photos from Jobbik’s anti-Roma Oct. 17 march. Excerpt: “Bearing banners and burning torches, more than 1,000 supporters of the far-right opposition Jobbik party rallied at housing projects in the northeastern city of Miskolc where many Roma live. The radical nationalist party blames the Roma community for a number of Hungary’s social problems, including crime … Continue reading

Hungary far-right marches to denounce Roma –

“MISKOLC, Hungary (Reuters) – Blaming Roma for everything from petty crime to trash on the streets, thousands of supporters of the far-right opposition Jobbik party rallied in Hungary on Wednesday in the eastern city of Miskolc. Local Roma in Hungary’s second largest city simultaneously held a counter-rally rejecting what they said were typical right-wing slurs … Continue reading Anonymous caller: “You should be arrested & deported” | Society Matters

Anonymous caller: “You should be arrested & deported” by ALAN MAIRSON on OCTOBER 9, 2012 “To: John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of National Geographic Re: “Subtle (and not-so-subtle) intimidation” Last month, Dr. Ian Hancock wrote you a letter in which he described the anonymous threats he and his family have received following his public criticism … Continue reading – France: Residents of Creneaux insist Romani people must leave town

“The situation of Romani people continues to be debated in France. Marseille is still demanding the eviction of 40 Romani people from an area in the north of the town. The group is the same one that was recently forced by residents of the nearby quarter of Creneaux to leave their campsite, after which it … Continue reading

Bulgarian Roma came in the sight of Golden Dawn | News from Greece – Breaking News, Business, Sport, Multimedia and Video.

“Immediately after Golden Dawn entered the new Greek parliament, the party leadership announced that its deputies will retain only part of the parliamentary salary. The remaining money goes into the party funds. With it and with the money Golden Dawn receives as a parliamentary force it provides foodstuffs and hands them out for free. “We … Continue reading – Czech Republic: 70 ultra-rightists march on Romani neighborhood

“About 70 protesters marched yesterday afternoon in Ústí nad Labem around residential hotels predominantly inhabited by Romani people. The protest gathering took place without any larger conflicts occurring and ended in shouting matches between small groups of those supporting the right-wing extremist Workers’ Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti – DSSS) and counter-demonstrators supporting … Continue reading

ERRC Calls for Strong Response by French Authorities to Marseille Violence –

“Budapest, 1 October 2012: The European Roma Rights Centre is calling on authorities to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of last week’s violence against Roma in Marseille. A group of 35 Roma, including 15 children, were forced to leave the piece of land where they were living by local residents, who later returned and set … Continue reading

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