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ERRC Welcomes Irish Government’s Apology and Hopes this Will Set an Example for All Governments – Advertisements

Undermining the ‘last acceptable form of racism’ | News | Times Higher Education

Roma family fights against deportation to Hungary |

Published before Wednesday’s decision to let the Buzas family stay, this article provides some background.

Roma family gets reprieve

Great news!

Petition | Minister Chris Alexander: Let the Pusuma family stay in Canada |

Please sign this petition. “The Pusuma family needs our help right now to stay in Canada, and stay safe. Jozsef, Timea, and their daughter Viktoria, fled Hungary 4 years ago. They came to Canada as refugees, after Jozsef began to receive death threats, and the family was attacked outside their home. Jozsef is a high-level … Continue reading

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Political Discrimination Back in Spotlight | Human Rights Watch

“A 2009 European Court of Human Rights ECtHR judgment made it clear that Bosnia’s constitution is discriminatory in preventing national minorities such as Jews and Roma from running for the presidency or the upper house of the Parliament. Although the judgment had required urgent constitutional reform, BiH has so far been reluctant to make the … Continue reading

Roma band members complain against discrimination in municipality – RIGHTS

“Muğla’s Musicians Association head Hakan Çelebi said the 14 band members are registered as cleaners by the municipality and that they are paid lower wages compared to their fellow colleagues.” via Roma band members complain against discrimination in municipality – RIGHTS.

Hollande condemns ‘unspeakable’ vigilante attack on Roma teen | Irish Examiner

“An horrendous vigilante attack against a Roma teenager raised pressure on the French government for its policies toward the ethnic minority even as the president condemned the “unspeakable and unjustifiable” violence that saw the boy beaten and left for dead in a shopping trolley by the side of a highway.” via Hollande condemns ‘unspeakable’ vigilante … Continue reading

ERRC Urges French Authorities to Fully Investigate Lynching of Romani Minor –

“Budapest, Paris, 18 June 2014: The European Roma Rights Centre expresses its deep concern regarding the brutal lynching of a 16-year-old Romani boy in France. The ERRC urges French authorities to investigate the attack, in particular any possible racial motivation, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.” via ERRC Urges French Authorities to Fully Investigate … Continue reading

Roma in Ukraine: No documents, no rights!

Originally posted on ROMEDIA FOUNDATION:
It all started in November 2013, when peaceful protesters occupied Kiev’s Independence Square, to show their disagreement with Viktor Yanukovych’s government evasion of the agreement with the European Union, which would have led to weaker ties with Russia. In February 2014, the violence escalated, with police squads intensifying their repression…

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