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Czech Roma asylum seeker denied refugee status

“Would a Czech Roma asylum seeker be so desperate to get accepted in Canada that she’d carve two swastikas in her back to fool a refugee judge?” via Gypsy/Roma community | Advertisements

The forgotten genocide – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

“On August 2, 1944, 2,897 Roma and Sinti, men, women, and children incarcerated in Auschwitz-Birkenau were loaded onto trucks, transported to gas chamber V, and liquidated as part of Hitlers genocide. All of them were killed in a matter of hours, their bodies then disposed of in the crematorium. Upon the liberation of Auschwitz by … Continue reading

Nationalism and unchecked violence in Bulgaria: Deutsche Welle

Excerpt:  “Releasing a defendent on bail who faces murder charges can provoke protests in any country in the world. But this time, in Sofia, it’s a different story. Last week, a man was released who is not only indicted for murder, but is seen as a symbol for a movement of racially motivated violence that … Continue reading

British far-right leader courts European allies – The Washington Post

“ATHENS, Greece — A far-right British political party’s leader said Friday that extreme nationalist groups across Europe will seek to forge an alliance after the European Parliament elections in in May despite being isolated by an emerging populist right….” via British far-right leader courts European allies – The Washington Post.

Southern Greece: locals hand to hand with neo-nazis against Roma minorities

Editor’s Note:  This news is from April but may still be of interest to you. Locals and Golden dawn neo-nazis in Trapezonti lakonias (2 klm out of Sparta) have organized a racist rally against Roma-(gypsies). The participants in a racist delirium against the Roma accused them for any kind of crimes  as well as a … Continue reading

Greece: Golden Dawn Threatens to ‘Turn Migrants into Soap’ – IBTimes UK

“Greek police have launched an investigation into the country’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party after one of its members threatened to turn immigrants “into soap” and put them in “ovens”. In the Channel 4 television documentary shot by Konstantinos Georgousis, Alexandros Plomaritis, who ran for parliament in last year’s election, is seen calling migrants living in Athens … Continue reading

30,000 Golden Dawn Supporters March in Athens Under Neo-Nazi Banners [VIDEO] – IBTimes UK

“Tens of thousands of black-clad neo-Nazis have rallied in Athens in support of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, in the movement’s biggest show of support since it emerged from obscurity to win 7 percent of the vote in last June’s general election.” Read more, and watch the video: 30,000 Golden Dawn Supporters March in Athens … Continue reading

Czech Police propose charging 15 women with promoting neo-Nazism –

Excerpts: “The detectives charge that the women, who range in age from 22 to 33, have contributed to organizing various events as members of the movement in 13 separate cases and have produced and distributed RWU promotional materials since at least 2007. According to police, they particularly promoted the movement at events organized for ultra-right … Continue reading

Roma stage public rally against far right in Hungary | euronews, world news

“Hundreds of Roma have marched in eastern Hungary in a rare public protest against discrimination. Angry at a planned rally by the far right against them, they shouted “down with Jobbik” in reference to the opposition party. Banners read “we want peace, law and order and a Hungary without Nazis”. Leaders said they thought it … Continue reading

Why the Roma are fleeing Hungary and why Canada is shunning them –

“GYONGYOSPATA, HUNGARY—They called themselves a neighbourhood watch. On March 1, 2011, at least 2,000 members of a right-wing paramilitary group called the Civil Guard Association for a Better Future rolled into this sleepy former coal-mining village 80 kilometres east of Budapest. Wearing black uniforms and hats, they pledged to help police maintain law and order … Continue reading

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