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The forgotten genocide – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

“On August 2, 1944, 2,897 Roma and Sinti, men, women, and children incarcerated in Auschwitz-Birkenau were loaded onto trucks, transported to gas chamber V, and liquidated as part of Hitlers genocide. All of them were killed in a matter of hours, their bodies then disposed of in the crematorium. Upon the liberation of Auschwitz by … Continue reading

Romanian President asks Government, Parliament to ban Hungary’s extremist party Jobbik |

“Romanian President Traian Basescu has asked the Romanian Government and Parliament to ban Hungarian “extremist” party Jobbik and its members from the country.” Read more: via Romanian President asks Government, Parliament to ban Hungary’s extremist party Jobbik |

Romanian Court Victory – Forced Eviction of Roma to Pata-Rât was Illegal –

“Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, London, 7 January 2014: The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Amnesty International welcome the decision of the Cluj-Napoca County Court (Tribunal) that the Mayor’s decision to forcibly evict around 300 Roma in December 2010, to a site adjacent to a waste dump, was illegal.” via Romanian Court Victory – Forced Eviction of … Continue reading

Intra-EU migration sparks quarrel in Germany’s coalition | European Voice

Prime minister of Bavaria calls for increased restrictions on social assistance for intra-EU migrants.

Roma in France Face Multiple Evictions –

“Budapest, 8 March 2013: Roma from Aubervilliers have faced multiple evictions, with disproportionate use of police force, after their settlement was burned down last month. The European Roma Rights Centre and Médecins du Monde sent a letter to French authorities asking them to provide assistance for the families.” Read more: via Roma in France Face … Continue reading

Der Spiegel: Germany doesn’t want Romani people in Schengen –

“The latest issue of Der Spiegel magazine reports that while no one in the German government has ever officially stated the policy (and probably never will), it is completely evident whom it targets: Germany has been rattled by the immigration of Romani people from Bulgaria and Romania, which is why it doesn’t want to open … Continue reading

Romania: They dump the Roma to the landfill –

“Romania has signed different treaties and agreements which ensures the respect of human rights, in which adequate housing is included. In 2001 they adopted the Strategy for the Improvement of Roma , this was followed by an action plan to improve housing, health, education and employment and the next document they not just signed but … Continue reading

Romania: Police investigate group offering Romani women money for sterilization –

“Agence France-Presse reported today that the prosecutor in Timisoara, Romania has begun investigating a nationalist group called NAT88 for soliciting Romani women to undergo sterilizations. The group will be investigated on suspicion of “public promotion of a fascist and racist ideology”.” Read more: via Romania: Police investigate group offering Romani women money for sterilization – … Continue reading

Robbing the Roma by Kalman Mizsei – Project Syndicate

“BUDAPEST – A year and a half has passed since the European Commission adopted the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020, which calls upon European Union governments to create comprehensive plans aimed at strengthening social inclusion and improving the well-being of their Romani citizens. The European Council endorsed the framework soon … Continue reading

Roma discrimination one of Romania’s major challenges: US ambassador – TANDEM POST

“Discrimination against the Roma is one of the biggest challenges facing Romania, the outgoing US ambassador has told AFP, comparing their plight to that of blacks in the American deep south of his childhood. The situation of the Roma in Romania “is very discouraging for me to watch, especially since I grew up in the … Continue reading

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