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Czech Roma asylum seeker denied refugee status

“Would a Czech Roma asylum seeker be so desperate to get accepted in Canada that she’d carve two swastikas in her back to fool a refugee judge?” via Gypsy/Roma community | Advertisements

Summer roundup: news stories from Canada and Europe

Summer roundup Discrimination never goes on vacation… Here’s a roundup of some big (and/or interesting) stories over these past three summer months about Roma in Canada and Europe. But what did we miss? Post your links and thoughts in the comments section. News from Canada: Supreme Court rules that cuts to refugee health care are … Continue reading

Video ▶ Roma Holocaust commemoration in a pig farm – YouTube

▶ Roma Holocaust commemoration in a pig farm – YouTube.

Four Myths and Facts about Roma Refugees in Canada | McGill International Review

Reprinted with permission from author Alex Langer. The public discourse surrounding Roma refugees is one full of misconceptions about the Canadian refugee system and the status of Roma, both in their countries of origin and the European Union. Here are four frequently cited myths about the issue, all claimed by Jason Kenney directly in this video, … Continue reading

Czech Republic: Ostrava starts social housing program –

“Czech Television reports that the first families enrolled in a social housing program in the town of Ostrava have received keys to their new apartments from the town. As long as they follow the rules and send their children to school, the town will assist them. The town hall is rolling out a program that … Continue reading

Situation of Native Americans similar to that of Czech Roma –

“David Beňák, Patrik Banga and David Tišer, three civically active Romani men from the Czech Republic, are participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the United States of America. Their visit will last approximately three weeks and will include several American cities where they will meet with representatives of organizations implementing interesting projects … Continue reading

Czech Police propose charging 15 women with promoting neo-Nazism –

Excerpts: “The detectives charge that the women, who range in age from 22 to 33, have contributed to organizing various events as members of the movement in 13 separate cases and have produced and distributed RWU promotional materials since at least 2007. According to police, they particularly promoted the movement at events organized for ultra-right … Continue reading

Robbing the Roma by Kalman Mizsei – Project Syndicate

“BUDAPEST – A year and a half has passed since the European Commission adopted the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020, which calls upon European Union governments to create comprehensive plans aimed at strengthening social inclusion and improving the well-being of their Romani citizens. The European Council endorsed the framework soon … Continue reading

2012 in the Czech Republic: The Romani point of view –

“It’s the custom at this time of year to take stock of the failures, possibilities, and successes of the year that has passed. I will, therefore, briefly reflect on the matters that drew my attention this year. There were rather a lot of them, but nothing much that was positive, and that’s why in closing … Continue reading

Canada may lift Czech visas once asylum process speeds up –

“The Canadian media is reporting that Canada will accelerate the administration of asylum-seekers’ requests for citizens of the Czech Republic. That country and 26 others are now on a list of so-called “safe states” where the Canadians believe people are not usually at risk of persecution, unlike people in other parts of the world. In … Continue reading

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