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Summer roundup: news stories from Canada and Europe

Summer roundup Discrimination never goes on vacation… Here’s a roundup of some big (and/or interesting) stories over these past three summer months about Roma in Canada and Europe. But what did we miss? Post your links and thoughts in the comments section. News from Canada: Supreme Court rules that cuts to refugee health care are … Continue reading

Sweden orders textbook on Roma discrimination – The Local

“In March the government published a white paper detailing what Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag called “an unknown and dark part of Swedish history”. The document revealed historic treatment of Roma in Sweden, detailing systemic abuse and police opinions that it would be best to kill them off.The government also created a Commission Against Anti-Romanyism, aimed … Continue reading

Over 70 percent of Roma kids have experienced discrimination – The Slovak Spectator

“AS MANY as 74 percent of Roma children say they have encountered discrimination at least once in their life, the recently published results of a survey among Roma pupils show, as reported by the Roma Press Agency (RPA).” Read more: via Over 70 percent of Roma kids have experienced discrimination – The Slovak Spectator.

Undoing Segregation In A Slovakian School » News » OPB

Excerpt:  “In 2008, the principal of this school, Mária Cvancigerová (who has since been fired and has sued the school for firing her) moved the Roma kids to separate classrooms on the second floor. The Roma kids would get cold lunches and the ethnic Slovak students would have warm lunches served in the cafeteria. When … Continue reading

UNDP Paper: Migration of Roma and Non-Roma from Central and Eastern Europe

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting links to various UNDP Roma Inclusion Working Papers for readers and activists to use as reference.  Thanks to Patrick Ciaschi for summarizing the first one, about migration of Roma from Central and Eastern Europe. This particular report entitled ‘An Option of Last Resort? Migration of Roma … Continue reading

Roma find short-lived solace in Montreal

This article includes a moving account of a Roma family’s experience of discrimination in Hungary, their resettlement in Montreal, and their fears of deportation. via Roma find short-lived solace in Montreal.

New resources for immigrants and service providers

Follow this link “to read a new report by Social Planning Toronto on obstacles and challenges to providing services to undocumented immigrants in Toronto as well as brand new resources for service providers and undocumented immigrants that can help overcome some of these challenges.” via New resources for immigrants and service providers.

Affirmative action law could help Roma – The Slovak Spectator

“SLOVAKIA’S minorities received good news from parliament in late February when MPs passed an amendment to existing anti–discrimination legislation that extends the authority of those who provide Slovak-style affirmative action measures, as well as the scope of those who benefit from them. In particular, these measures may offer Roma living in poverty and social exclusion … Continue reading

ECHR rules on discrimination by educational segregation of Roma in Greece – Equinet – European Network of Equality Bodies

“The European Court of Human Rights ECHR established that Greek authorities have been discriminating against Roma children by implementing educational segregation. The European Court of Human Rights ECHR ruled that the failure of Greek authorities to integrate Roma children into the ordinary education system amounts to discrimination.The applicants of the case Sampani and Others vs … Continue reading

Most of Roma migrants in France come from Romania, Bulgaria: Amnesty International – FOCUS Information Agency

“Paris. Most of the estimated 15,000 migrant Roma living in France come from Romania, and some from Bulgaria; almost all are fleeing chronic poverty and discrimination in their countries of origin, , Amnesty International says in a report published today. As non-French EU citizens, they are prohibited by French law from staying in the country … Continue reading

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