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Trafficking in Persons for Forced Labour: Backgrounder | Canadian Council for Refugees

Here is a backgrounder on human trafficking and how recent changes to Canada’s immigration system makes more migrants vulnerable to extreme exploitation. Excerpts: “In recent years, Canada has increasingly shifted its focus from permanent to more precarious temporary immigration. More workers are now being brought into Canada on a temporary basis with fewer rights than other … Continue reading

Federal Court allows more latitude for refugee appeals – Politics – CBC News

Potentially good news for refugees in Canada.  “The Federal Court is giving refugees a broader basis for appeals, telling Canadas Refugee Appeal Division that it can overturn a decision based on the merits of the case, rather than only if there was a mistake in the legal process.” via Federal Court allows more latitude for … Continue reading

Kenney Disrupted! Jason Kenney interrompu! Full Immigration Status Now! – YouTube

  via Kenney Disrupted! Jason Kenney interrompu! Full Immigration Status Now! – YouTube.

Hungarian City Set to ‘Expel’ Its Roma –

Editor’s note:  Miskolc is one of the main cities of origin of Hungarian Roma refugee claimants who have come to Canada in search of sanctuary.  Many have now returned, either via deportation or because they have given up on their refugee claims in the face of dim prospects of acceptance.  Recall how in October 2012, then-Minister of Immigration Jason … Continue reading

Minister Chris Alexander Cried Last Week, But Not for These Women | Dana Wagner

This article points to Chris Alexander’s IWD hypocrisy by looking at the cases of three refugees who, under new refugee policies, would have been labeled “bogus”, denied healthcare, and probably deported. “But it is unlikely that Alexander was thinking of these women or others like them because they are refugees, and the less privileged class … Continue reading

How Canada keeps some immigrant women in their place | Toronto Star

An article about how Canada’s conditional visa policy and changes to citizenship threaten immigrant and refugee women. “…we urge Canadians to become aware of the ways in which Canada’s immigration laws – the laws that we create – exacerbate the vulnerability of immigrant women. Our immigration laws keep them in abusive relationships and deny them … Continue reading

Roma find short-lived solace in Montreal

This article includes a moving account of a Roma family’s experience of discrimination in Hungary, their resettlement in Montreal, and their fears of deportation. via Roma find short-lived solace in Montreal.

Canada’s government-sponsored law-breakers ‘push the border out’ |

Matthew Behrens writes about the Canadian Border Services Agency and Canada’s increasingly exclusionary immigration policy: “…trauma is induced daily across this country by a federal agency with zero oversight and accountability mechanisms: the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). The name is so blandly beige that it sounds more like a group of Good Samaritans assisting … Continue reading

2013 Immigration Changes and Victories in Canada | Syed Hussan

“Speaking to a secretive media junket earlier this month, Stephen Harper insisted Canada should focus on “bringing in permanent residents who have equal rights with Canadians.” If you havent been paying attention, youd think that Stephen Harper has been fixing immigration and opening up Canadas doors these last seven years. He hasnt. While Harper lies … Continue reading

Citizenship changes raising concerns about integration, multiculturalism, study suggests

“Recent changes that have made it tougher to obtain Canadian citizenship may be “counterproductive” to successful immigrant integration, a new study suggests, while a renewed emphasis on military history and British traditions runs counter to the “ethos” of multiculturalism. The study, by University of Ottawa professor Elke Winter for the Institute for Research on Public … Continue reading

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