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Summer roundup: news stories from Canada and Europe

Summer roundup Discrimination never goes on vacation… Here’s a roundup of some big (and/or interesting) stories over these past three summer months about Roma in Canada and Europe. But what did we miss? Post your links and thoughts in the comments section. News from Canada: Supreme Court rules that cuts to refugee health care are … Continue reading

The forgotten genocide – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

“On August 2, 1944, 2,897 Roma and Sinti, men, women, and children incarcerated in Auschwitz-Birkenau were loaded onto trucks, transported to gas chamber V, and liquidated as part of Hitlers genocide. All of them were killed in a matter of hours, their bodies then disposed of in the crematorium. Upon the liberation of Auschwitz by … Continue reading

Nationalism and unchecked violence in Bulgaria: Deutsche Welle

Excerpt:  “Releasing a defendent on bail who faces murder charges can provoke protests in any country in the world. But this time, in Sofia, it’s a different story. Last week, a man was released who is not only indicted for murder, but is seen as a symbol for a movement of racially motivated violence that … Continue reading

UNDP Paper: Migration of Roma and Non-Roma from Central and Eastern Europe

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting links to various UNDP Roma Inclusion Working Papers for readers and activists to use as reference.  Thanks to Patrick Ciaschi for summarizing the first one, about migration of Roma from Central and Eastern Europe. This particular report entitled ‘An Option of Last Resort? Migration of Roma … Continue reading

The Bulgarian Golden Dawn: Nationalists Launch Attacks Against Syrian Refugees

“Bulgaria nationalist groups have launched civil patrols to round-up migrants in the country in a hate attack strategy that is reminiscent of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group…. The party established “civil patrols” to stop and check migrants. “There are similarities with the patrols, which started in the Golden Dawn in Greece a few years ago,” … Continue reading

Intra-EU migration sparks quarrel in Germany’s coalition | European Voice

Prime minister of Bavaria calls for increased restrictions on social assistance for intra-EU migrants.

Roma in France Face Multiple Evictions –

“Budapest, 8 March 2013: Roma from Aubervilliers have faced multiple evictions, with disproportionate use of police force, after their settlement was burned down last month. The European Roma Rights Centre and Médecins du Monde sent a letter to French authorities asking them to provide assistance for the families.” Read more: via Roma in France Face … Continue reading

Der Spiegel: Germany doesn’t want Romani people in Schengen –

“The latest issue of Der Spiegel magazine reports that while no one in the German government has ever officially stated the policy (and probably never will), it is completely evident whom it targets: Germany has been rattled by the immigration of Romani people from Bulgaria and Romania, which is why it doesn’t want to open … Continue reading

Bulgaria: Security Guards Shoot Dead Roma Scrap Thief in Sofia – – Sofia News Agency

“A teenager of Roma origin who was trying to steal scrap metal has een shot dead in the Bulgarian capital Sofia by a security guard. The 16-year-old Kamen Asenov and a friend of his broke into the Poduyane refrigerator depot on Saturday in order to steal scrap.” Read more: via Bulgaria: Security Guards Shoot Dead … Continue reading

France Invites Bulgarian Reps to Roma Camp Inspections: France Invites Bulgarian Reps to Roma Camp Inspections – – Sofia News Agency

“French authorities have invited for the first time Bulgarian representatives to take part in inspections of illegal Roma camps in Paris suburbs.  The news was reported by the Bulgarian Ambassador to France, Marin Raykov, speaking Saturday for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR….” Read more: via France Invites Bulgarian Reps to Roma Camp Inspections: France Invites … Continue reading

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