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Far-right group seals appeal among discontented Hungarians | Reuters

“(Reuters) – To launch its campaign for Hungary’s parliamentary election, the far-right Jobbik party, accused by critics of anti-Semitism, chose as its venue a former synagogue with a plaque on the wall commemorating 500 local Jews killed in the Holocaust. The reaction was unsurprising: opponents turned up outside the synagogue in the city of Esztergom … Continue reading

Democracy distorted in Hungary – Law Report – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“Ultra-nationalism, anti-Semitism, censorship and violent intimidation: Michael Shirrefs reports on how Hungary went from having one of the most admired legal systems in the world to the most worrying symbol of democratic decline in Europe.” Read more/ Listen: via Democracy distorted in Hungary – Law Report – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Nationalism and unchecked violence in Bulgaria: Deutsche Welle

Excerpt:  “Releasing a defendent on bail who faces murder charges can provoke protests in any country in the world. But this time, in Sofia, it’s a different story. Last week, a man was released who is not only indicted for murder, but is seen as a symbol for a movement of racially motivated violence that … Continue reading

Increased Hostility Against Jews And Roma In Hungary | NCPR News from NPR

“Ahead of next month’s parliamentary election in Hungary, a report published in February found the Roma minority in that Central European country face an unprecedented amount of violence and discrimination. While prejudice against Roma, pejoratively known as Gypsies, is widespread throughout Europe, the report says Hungary is more anti-immigrant and hostile toward minorities than elsewhere.” … Continue reading

Gabor Vona: Hungarian fascists Jobbik left homeless for London visit – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

Protesters block Jobbik supporters (From Clacton and Frinton Gazette)

British far-right leader courts European allies – The Washington Post

“ATHENS, Greece — A far-right British political party’s leader said Friday that extreme nationalist groups across Europe will seek to forge an alliance after the European Parliament elections in in May despite being isolated by an emerging populist right….” via British far-right leader courts European allies – The Washington Post.

New Holocaust Museum in Budapest Faces Opposition—From Jews – Tablet Magazine

“Many worry it will be window-dressing for politicians who want to be seen remembering the Shoah but ignore today’s anti-Semitism…” Excerpt:  “Fidesz, which has a two-thirds majority in parliament, is not overtly anti-Semitic. But the government has angered Jews by doing little to curb a growing cult of memory around Fascist-allied figures such as Adm. … Continue reading

E-PM, Mazsihisz protest but Jobbik welcomes plans to commemorate German occupation |

“The E-PM electoral alliance and the federation of Hungarian Jewish communities Mazsihisz have objected to government plans to erect a monument in central Budapest to commemorate Hungary’s occupation by Germany 70 years ago, while the radical nationalist Jobbik party has welcomed the initiative…” via E-PM, Mazsihisz protest but Jobbik welcomes plans to commemorate German occupation … Continue reading

Hostile crowd greets Jobbik MP | The Budapest Times

“Opposition Socialist MPs, mayor Tivadar Puskás of the Christian Democrats, which is junior partner in the ruling alliance, and renowned pianist Tamás Vásáry were among 300 or so who turned out in Szombathely on Saturday to protest against Jobbik.” Read more: via Hostile crowd greets Jobbik MP | The Budapest Times.

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