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The Campaign to End Immigration Detention – 1 year in | End Immigration Detention

From No One Is Illegal: “On September 17th 2013, 191 one hundred and ninety one immigration detainees held in the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario, began a non-cooperation protest.They went on hunger strike and at first demanded better prison conditions. Soon the strikers demands expanded to the entire immigration detention system that detains … Continue reading

1ST LEAD Roma in focus as refugee applications in Germany surge by one third By Jean-Baptiste Piggin, dpa | EUROPE ONLINE

“Berlin dpa – The tally of people seeking political asylum in Germany soared last year by one third, compared to the previous year, with official data on Thursday highlighting growing arrivals of Roma people from the Balkans.” via 1ST LEAD Roma in focus as refugee applications in Germany surge by one third By Jean-Baptiste Piggin, … Continue reading

Trafficking in Persons for Forced Labour: Backgrounder | Canadian Council for Refugees

Here is a backgrounder on human trafficking and how recent changes to Canada’s immigration system makes more migrants vulnerable to extreme exploitation. Excerpts: “In recent years, Canada has increasingly shifted its focus from permanent to more precarious temporary immigration. More workers are now being brought into Canada on a temporary basis with fewer rights than other … Continue reading

Calls for independent oversight of border police renewed | Toronto Star

“Advocacy groups are renewing calls for an independent oversight body to investigate complaints against the Canada Border Services Agency, pointing to recent incidents of alleged abuses by enforcement officials… A number of recent cases including the death of a Mexican woman in CBSA custody in Vancouver have prompted the civil liberties association, Canadian Council for … Continue reading

Nationalism and unchecked violence in Bulgaria: Deutsche Welle

Excerpt:  “Releasing a defendent on bail who faces murder charges can provoke protests in any country in the world. But this time, in Sofia, it’s a different story. Last week, a man was released who is not only indicted for murder, but is seen as a symbol for a movement of racially motivated violence that … Continue reading

Increased Hostility Against Jews And Roma In Hungary | NCPR News from NPR

“Ahead of next month’s parliamentary election in Hungary, a report published in February found the Roma minority in that Central European country face an unprecedented amount of violence and discrimination. While prejudice against Roma, pejoratively known as Gypsies, is widespread throughout Europe, the report says Hungary is more anti-immigrant and hostile toward minorities than elsewhere.” … Continue reading

Human Rights Watch: Violations rising, tolerance declining in EU –

Human Rights Watch calls out France, Hungary, Greece for exclusion of Romani, Muslims, and asylum-seekers. Excerpt from’s summary: “Tolerance is declining in the European Union and cases of human rights violations are more frequent. Those are the conclusions of the report on the year 2013 by Human Rights Watch (HRW), which was just presented … Continue reading

Canada’s government-sponsored law-breakers ‘push the border out’ |

Matthew Behrens writes about the Canadian Border Services Agency and Canada’s increasingly exclusionary immigration policy: “…trauma is induced daily across this country by a federal agency with zero oversight and accountability mechanisms: the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). The name is so blandly beige that it sounds more like a group of Good Samaritans assisting … Continue reading

2013 Immigration Changes and Victories in Canada | Syed Hussan

“Speaking to a secretive media junket earlier this month, Stephen Harper insisted Canada should focus on “bringing in permanent residents who have equal rights with Canadians.” If you havent been paying attention, youd think that Stephen Harper has been fixing immigration and opening up Canadas doors these last seven years. He hasnt. While Harper lies … Continue reading

Citizenship changes raising concerns about integration, multiculturalism, study suggests

“Recent changes that have made it tougher to obtain Canadian citizenship may be “counterproductive” to successful immigrant integration, a new study suggests, while a renewed emphasis on military history and British traditions runs counter to the “ethos” of multiculturalism. The study, by University of Ottawa professor Elke Winter for the Institute for Research on Public … Continue reading

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