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UNDP Paper: Migration of Roma and Non-Roma from Central and Eastern Europe

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting links to various UNDP Roma Inclusion Working Papers for readers and activists to use as reference.  Thanks to Patrick Ciaschi for summarizing the first one, about migration of Roma from Central and Eastern Europe. This particular report entitled ‘An Option of Last Resort? Migration of Roma … Continue reading

Forced Evictions of Roma double in France, as Authorities Pursue Failed, Expensive Policy –

“Budapest, Paris, 14 January 2014: French authorities forcibly evicted more than 21.537 Romani migrants in 2013, more than double the total for 2012. Law enforcement officers carried out 165 evictions affecting almost 19.380 people. There were 22 evictions due to fire, affecting 2.157 Roma…” via Forced Evictions of Roma double in France, as Authorities Pursue … Continue reading

Canada took fewer refugees last year, despite pledge to increase numbers

“OTTAWA – Refugee groups are accusing the Conservatives of backtracking on a pledge to increase the number of refugees resettled to Canada. Statistics show the number of refugees resettled in Canada in 2012 was down 26 per cent from 2011, despite repeated claims by the government that it`s aiming to increase refugee levels by 20 … Continue reading

Vona says Jobbik to “strike back” after year of attacks and sliding poll numbers –

“The radical nationalist Jobbik party was under constant attacks in 2012 but it “will strike back vigorously if this base campaign continues,” party leader Gabor Vona told MTI in an interview assessing the past year. The opposition leader admitted that the year fell short of the party’s expectations. Citing public opinion polls, Vona noted that … Continue reading – Czech Helsinki Committee: Human rights deteriorated in the Czech Republic last year

A report published today by the Czech Helsinki Committee (ČHV) has found a deteriorating tendency in the area of human rights last year in the Czech Republic. The Government’s budget cuts have negatively affected children, people living with disabilities, senior citizens, single-parent households, and the unemployed. The inclusion of Romani children into mainstream schools was … Continue reading

Parliament publishes report on 2011 Gyöngyöspata ethnic tensions |

Parliament on Monday adopted a report assessing events related to ethnic-based tension in northern Hungary’s Gyongyospata last spring. The report, which condemns the radical nationalist Jobbik and small opposition LMP parties, as well as US businessman Richard Field in connection with the Gyongyospata developments, was passed with 250 votes in favour, 58 against, and two … Continue reading


NEW DECISION ON ITALIAN STATE OF EMERGENCY MUST NOT MEAN A RETURN TO ANTI-ROMA ACTIVITY, SAYS ERRC Budapest, Rome, 10 May 2012: Yesterday, Italy’s Council of State accepted the Italian Government’s request to suspend the effects of its decision from last year, which declared the State of Emergency was illegal and unfounded. The new decision … Continue reading

Amnesty International slams official report on “Roma village” crisis |

Parliament’s ad-hoc committee investigating ethnic-based tension in north-eastern Hungary’s Gyongyospata has failed, and its report is “worrying and misleading,” Amnesty International Hungary said in a statement sent to MTI on Friday. Orsolya Jeney, the head of the Hungarian branch of AI, said in the statement that the committee had failed to reveal all unlawful events … Continue reading

Czech Republic: Racists intent on murder to face trial, charges dropped against Romani people who defended themselves

Tomorrow the trial begins in Klatovy of two violent racists who attacked the Červeňák family in Nýrsko (Klatovy district) last August. Police also originally charged some members of the Romani family with assault, but the state prosecutor has dropped those charges. Two aggressive right-wing extremist adults chased the children of the Červeňák family through the … Continue reading

Roma, Migration and Human Trafficking « ROMEDIA FOUNDATION

ROMA, MIGRATION AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING March 12, 2012 By Ostalinda Maya In 2011, I coordinated a study in human trafficking for the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) focusing on the trafficking of persons of Roma ethnicity in five Central and Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Among its findings, the report highlights the high vulnerability … Continue reading

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