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The Holocaust’s Forgotten Roma Victims – The Daily Beast

“More than 500,000 Roma and Sinti were exterminated in the Nazis’ death camps—and it’s time to include them in the official history of the Holocaust.”

via The Holocaust’s Forgotten Roma Victims – The Daily Beast.



One thought on “The Holocaust’s Forgotten Roma Victims – The Daily Beast

  1. From a Jewish perspective, The Holocaust is about what happened to Jews. But the whole world uses the term ‘Holocaust’ and has therefore too easily skimped on the larger sum of facts, education and enlightenment available on how the Nazis treated undesirable peoples as a whole: a larger group which included Jews, Didicoys (not ‘pure’ Romanies), Slavs, political activists and outed homosexuals. And the list does not end there. I agree, they should be included in The Holocaust, but Jewish sensibilities must be respected. Perhaps using the existing term ‘Porrajmos’ would raise the flag of a Roma sensibility about what happened so that Roma could define it for themselves and on their own terms, as Jewish scholars have done for Jewish people. The bottom line is that human nature is tribal, excluding and often amoral. Therefore the Roma, Kurds or other persecuted groups will not be holding their breath for recognition from the other self-serving tribes of humanity. I am certain that most Romanies know that the world doesn’t care. Motivation must be pitifully low. Recognition requires a politics, which requires some wealth and intercommunicability. In today’s world ‘recognition’ may even be an exclusively capitalist process. Its time to include them – but how?

    Posted by Neil Harvey | October 17, 2014, 2:03 pm

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