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No Country for Lazy Men: The German Fear of Social Parasites


The lifting of the labour market restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals on the 1st of January paved the way for a somewhat hysterical, pan-European debate on the possible influx of so-called “poverty immigrants” from Eastern Europe. While inordinate attention was given to the United Kingdom, where the tabloids have turned the political issue of European integration into a racist, classist mud-fight with few redeeming qualities, other countries, Germany in particular, have also had backlashes to the newfound opportunities of Eastern Europeans.

The discussion seems to have become disproportionately about Roma, with the underlying assumption being made that all Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants are of Roma origin. Even though they are usually not spelled out as such, it is heavily implied by politicians and media that there will be a flood of Roma immigrants taking over Germany. [1]

According to top Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), a deliberation…

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