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Roma migration: An option of last resort? | Voices from Eurasia – We help build better lives.

Here is a summary by Jaroslav Kling of a new report by UNDP about the reasons that Roma migrate.

Excerpt: “The researchers found that the reasons for Roma migration do not differ from those of non-Roma: Poverty, lack of jobs and desire for a better life.

The profiles of Roma migrants are also on average, not so different from the profiles of non-Roma migrants. Although poverty was mentioned often as a reason to go abroad, migration requires certain personal capacity (including financial capacity). Research showed that potential migrants are not the poorest among the Roma, but those with some income to start a new life.

The report authors conclude that there are many myths about Roma migrants, which result from portraying the improper behaviour of a small minority of Roma migrants as typical. The research reveals a different picture: The majority of Roma migrants seek work – if possible – a legal and secure job. Many of them fear deportation and therefore do not seek social services.”

At the bottom of the page there are additional links to other papers from the Roma Inclusion Working Paper Series.  Check it out via Roma migration: An option of last resort? | Voices from Eurasia – We help build better lives..



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