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Canada gets human rights failing grade from Amnesty International –

From the Toronto Star

Excerpt: “The report welcomed changes to immigration and refugee laws in the past year that allowed for refugee appeals, but said they have also created two new classes of migrants and refugee claimants whose rights have been restricted.

Those designated “irregular arrivals” — such as the Sri Lankan refugee claimants who arrived in B.C. — face mandatory detention, with intermittent reviews, and if accepted as refugees are barred from travelling outside Canada for five years.

Asylum seekers who come from so-called “safe countries” are put on a fast-track refugee claim schedule and denied access to the new Refugee Appeal Division.

Under the new Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act, those who are accused of crimes, found guilty or labelled security threats — including permanent residents who have lived in Canada for years — will be deported without appeal. That now includes those who have committed relatively minor crimes with six-month sentences.

Meanwhile, Canadian law continues to allow deportation to countries where those rated as security threats may be tortured. And Ottawa’s refusal to bring the security certificate process in line with international fair trials standards means that people deemed security threats are denied access to key evidence and witnesses.”

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via Canada gets human rights failing grade from Amnesty International –


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