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Canada is poised to give comfort to hateful, xenophobic nutbars |

“The Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, had some pretty tough words on Friday for a country he has, in the past, described as a “liberal democracy” that “respects human rights.”

At a news conference in Ottawa on Friday, Kenney said that during a recent visit to that country he noted “a very disturbing rise of xenophobic extremism.”

He told reporters he was very disturbed to hear accounts from members of ethnic and religious minority communities about “expressions of hatred and xenophobia” and was “deeply concerned” about the actions of  neo-Nazi political extremists he referred to as “crazy and hateful xenophobic nutbars.”

The Minister added, pointedly, that he “had very blunt discussions with counterparts” in that country’s government, telling them they “should use every possible measure, not only to protect the minority communities, but also towards the social inclusion” of one particular minority community.

The Minister’s take-away from his visit echoes what human rights organizations, and such bodies as the Council of Europe, have been saying for years.”

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via Canada is poised to give comfort to hateful, xenophobic nutbars |


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