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The New Anti-capitalist Party and the expulsion of the Roma from France

“The racist expulsions of Roma carried out by the French Socialist Party (PS), whose election the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) supported, reveal the reactionary character of the NPA’s support for the PS. The NPA attempts to hide its political culpability in the persecution of the Roma by maintaining a virtual silence on the subject.

The sole comment published by the NPA on the persecution of the Roma, dated October 5, addresses cynical and impotent criticisms of the expulsion of Roma from Marseille.

On September 30, the city of Marseille had lodged a complaint in order to obtain the expulsion of Roma living in a deserted warehouse in the city’s 15th district. On September 27, they had fled from their encampment, under pressure from hostile local residents. The magazine Médiapart of October 20 quotes a Roma person on the expulsion: “Some Arab and Moroccan people came with weapons and petrol-filled bottles to tell us to leave, otherwise they would set the place alight. We called the police but they also told us to leave.””

via The New Anti-capitalist Party and the expulsion of the Roma from France.



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