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Event: Beyond Refugee Health Cuts: Examining the Roots & Nurturing Resistance

Beyond Refugee Health Cuts: Examining the Roots & Nurturing Resistance

Date: Monday, October 29th
Time: 7 – 9 PM
Location: To Be Announced. Visit

In recent months, we have witnessed cruel attacks against the right to healthcare for migrants, both in Canada and across the globe. Those without the fortune of being born with a particular passport are being condemned to suffering and death. Against the backdrop of increasingly restrictive and racist immigration laws, we are also witnessing the unprecedented mobilization and resistance of health workers and allies who are refusing to comply with inhumane laws that leave some of the most marginalized in our society behind.

As Bill C-31, the draconian Refugee Exclusion Act was passed, and cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program were implemented, thousands of doctors, nurses, psychologists, medical technologists, students, healthcare workers and allies mobilized across the country in support of migrant communities, denouncing these changes. From occupations of MP offices, to public disruptions of Conservative MPs, to petitions signed by tens of thousands across the country in opposition to the health cuts, this summer we’ve witnessed the largest wave of sustained protests by health workers against unjust immigration laws in our recent history.

At a time when we face cutbacks to public services and an all out attack against migrants, we are inspired by all those who continue to resist racist laws, who continue to fight against the gutting of our public services, who continue to demand access to healthcare without fear of debt, denial of services, detention and deportations.

So join Health for All – Toronto on Monday, October 29th to hear from the following organizations:

– Roma Community Centre will speak about scapegoating of migrants in Canada, particularly the Romacommunity and how they are organizing against racist immigration laws here.

– Immigration Legal Committee of the Ontario Law Union will describe trends in Canada’s regressive immigration system and speak about the connection between colonization, displacement and migration.

– Health for All will discuss the health impacts of regressive immigration policies and how precarious immigration status is a significant social determinant of health.

More speakers to be announced…

Light refreshments will be provided. Child-friendly event. If childcare needed, please by October 17th. This event is free of charge. Donations welcome.


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