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2012, anti-immigrant, arson, attacks, evictions, expulsions, France, housing, incitement, intimidation, Marseille, violence – France: Residents of Creneaux insist Romani people must leave town

“The situation of Romani people continues to be debated in France. Marseille is still demanding the eviction of 40 Romani people from an area in the north of the town.

The group is the same one that was recently forced by residents of the nearby quarter of Creneaux to leave their campsite, after which it was set on fire. The Romani campers have nevertheless remained in the area and the town hall has called on them to vacate the space they are now illegally occupying.

Human rights organizations and Romani people are protesting the town hall’s move, demanding that detectives investigate the expulsion and that French President Francois Hollande resolve the situation. Those who pushed the Romani campers out of their campsite reportedly had canisters full of gasoline and knives with them during their attack. Claude Aparicio, Vice President of the Ligue des droits de l’Homme (Human Rights League – LDH) in the Bouche de Rhone region, has called the persecution of the Romani campers inhuman. The residents of Creneaux, however, are insisting the Romani campers must leave.”

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via – France: Residents of Creneaux insist Romani people must leave town.



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