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News Release — Minister Jason Kenney Meets with Roma Leaders in Hungary

Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney recently visited Miskolc, Hungary, a hotbed of Jobbik and Magyar Garda anti-Roma activism. Below is a press release about his visit – an excellent example of misinformation about Hungarian Roma for the purpose of defending the practice of systematically denying Hungarian Roma refugee claims. 

“Alsózsolca, Hungary, October 9, 2012 — Today, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney travelled to the village of Alsózsolca and the city of Miskolc, in Northeastern Hungary to meet with members of the Roma community.

Hungary has been the largest source country for asylum claims filed in Canada for the past three years, and approximately 40 percent of these claimants have come from the region around Miskolc.

Minister Kenney visited Hungary in advance of the coming into force of the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, expected later this year.  This law will help the Government of Canada offer fast protection to genuine refugees while stopping the abuse of our system and generosity by bogus asylum claimants and human smugglers.

While in the region, Minister Kenney toured Alsózsolca, speaking with local residents and visiting Roma children at the Benedek Elek Primary School; met with the Mayor and other civic leaders of Miskolc; and held a roundtable with leaders of the local Roma Self-Government. He also visited the Miskolc Polar Bear Ice Hockey team, which is coached by Canadian Tim Kehler and has Canadian players.

“I was happy to get a chance to listen to the Hungarian Roma community’s concerns, and discuss with them the irregular migration which sees almost 95 percent of Hungarian asylum claims abandoned, withdrawn or rejected,” said Minister Kenney.”

Read more:

via News Release — Minister Jason Kenney Meets with Roma Leaders in Hungary.


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