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Roma-Gárda conflict in Cegléd as far-right groups stage spontaneous demo against “Gypsy crime” |

Some 400 people organised by far-right groups gathered in Cegléd, central Hungary on Sunday night after a conflict developed between local Roma and the Új Magyar Gárda.

Some 70-80 police officers cordoned off houses inhabited by Roma.

A “spontaneous demonstration” against “Gypsy crime” was held in Cegléd with Jobbik and Gárda participation last Tuesday.

Far-right websites said Roma attacked “peaceful Gárda members” in the courtyard of a private house, and that is why a “nationwide mobilisation” was ordered and larger groups went to Cegléd on Sunday.

The town’s Fidesz mayor László Földi said Monday that there are “problem people” among the 20 Roma families who live on the outskirts of Cegléd, and the town is doing all it can within legal regulations to enforce order.

Looking to explain Sunday’s events, he recalled that the rumour spread a week ago that he wants to move 40 Roma families to the suburbs.

He said it is also possible that some were annoyed because a park was opened on Sunday aimed at symbolising Hungarian-Roma co-operation.

Three Jobbik MPs were among the demonstrators, who came to Cegléd from all parts of the country, Földi noted.

via Roma-Gárda conflict in Cegléd as far-right groups stage spontaneous demo against “Gypsy crime” |



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