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Survey finds demand for civil cooperation with “democratic” opposition parties |

The majority of respondents to a street survey taken by activists of the Hungarian Solidarity Movement say they want to see more cooperation between civil organisations and the three “democratic” parties – the Socialists, LMP and the Democratic Coalition.

Solidarity, a body of unionists and non-party affiliated individuals, said in a statement Tuesday that respondents to the survey entitled “Angry Hungarians” also wanted the Patriotism and Progress Foundation, headed by former prime minister Gordon Bajnai, to join up with such a force.

Support for Bajnai’s foundation, which describes itself as a non-partisan public policy think-tank, was higher than support for either the opposition Socialist party, the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) or LMP.

Respondents who were stopped in the street at random during the month of June typically rejected the Orban-government’s policies, including its voter feedback national consultation survey. Most respondents identified changes to the labour code and the social security system as the main reasons for a radical drop in the government’s popularity, the statement said.

Most respondents said their standard of living had declined over the past two years. A majority supported the idea that civil organisations should join forces.

More than 2,700 people responded to the voluntary, non-representative survey. Solidarity said it would continue to canvas people’s opinions throughout the summer.

via Survey finds demand for civil cooperation with “democratic” opposition parties |



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