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Petition: Close Romanian “Death Plant”

A local Romanian mayor has just forcibly evicted over 38 Roma families from their accommodation — and is now forcing them to live in a toxic, decommissioned chemicals factory. Small children are already in hospital after chemical exposure, and the situation is so horrifying a respected Romanian newspaper is comparing this to Auschwitz. But the Romanian Prime Minister can stop this shocking treatment.

This factory ‘accommodation’ is still filled toxic remnants of the factory, shut down in 2005 and known locally as “The Death Plant”. Outrageously, Mayor Cătălin Cherecheș has joked that Roma are falling ill from the “cleanliness” of the factory. He’s hoping to win votes by appearing ‘tough’ on Roma ahead of an election on Sunday, but we can turn these horrible acts against him. The local Mayor is a member of the Prime Minister’s Social-Liberal Union, and if we pressure the PM Victor Ponta to speak out against this abuse, we can force the Mayor to close this death factory and re-house the victims.

As a Romanian, I’m deeply shocked by the way these people have been treated. But the new Romanian PM is looking to establish his credibility in Romania and Europe — so let’s make sure he does the right thing. Sign my petition to call on the PM to demand the Mayor apologize and re-accommodate these innocent Roma!



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