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Romania and the Holocaust: It coudn’t happen here | The Economist

DAN ŞOVA, a spokesman for Romania’s opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), is paying the price for his poor grasp of history. On March 5th, discussing the Holocaust live on television, he said: “On the territory of Romania, no Jew suffered”. He added that “24 Jews died” as a result of the notorious government-backed Iasi pogrom of 1941. Most historians put the figure at 12,000 or more.

It didn’t take long for Mr Şova to feel the consequences. The PSD distanced itself from his comments, removed him from his post and dispatched him to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Yet Mr Şova’s views are hardly unique in Romania. Any newspaper kiosk is full of books and other publications that echo his pronouncements.

Education is partly to blame. The Holocaust wasn’t part of Romania’s school curriculum until 1998, and until 2004 many textbooks followed the communist line that the killings were something that happened somewhere else. In 2004 the state-backed Wiesel Commission issued a report on the Holocaust, leading to an official acknowledgement that killings and deportations took place on Romanian territory. Since 2005 secondary-school students have been able to take a special Holocaust course.

via Romania and the Holocaust: It coudn’t happen here | The Economist.



One thought on “Romania and the Holocaust: It coudn’t happen here | The Economist

  1. Mr. Sova is wrong, dead wrong. Read my post about Holocaust Revelations and my blogsite.

    Posted by columbo1es | March 13, 2012, 3:52 pm

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