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HOPE not hate international: Child burn victim’s family facing eviction

On the eve of the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday in 2009, a group of Czech neo-Nazis lobbed Molotov cocktails into the home of a Roma family, leaving then two-year-old Natálka Kudriková with burns on 80 percent of her body. She spent eight months in hospital, lost three of her fingers, and will remain disfigured for life.

The case caused a public outcry — and also led to an outpouring of support for Natálka’s family. Czech President Václav Klaus granted a pardon to the little girl’s father, who was overdue to begin a short prison sentence, following an appeal for clemency by then Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb.

They were even given a new house to live in, near the town of Opava, purchased in part with some Kč 1 million in donations from the public. However, the news server and regional media now report that the property has been under an execution order since December. The registered owner of the home, Natálka’s mother, Anna Siváková, said she was unaware of the eviction threat.

The family had been living in a rundown house in nearby Vítkov before the arson attack. The perpetrators received sentences of between 20 to 22 years in prison. A court found that the four men threw the firebombs at the family’s home to gain notoriety within the neo-Nazi movement

via HOPE not hate international: Child burn victim’s family facing eviction.



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