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arson, attacks, Czech Republic, intimidation, murder, Nazi, police, political parties and movements, violence – Experts say there is a threat of local wars between “ethnic gangs” in the Czech Republic

Editor’s note:  Another article about a report, commissioned by the Czech government, on neo-Nazi activity.  The following excerpt focuses on arson, an anti-Roma tactic of choice.  Please take the time read the full article by clicking the link at the bottom of this post – it’s worth the read.

The analysis has also noticed that the tactic of arson attacks on Romani dwellings has been revived in recent years, labeling this trend “one of the main violent outcomes of the neo-Nazi scene”. Such attacks are said to have a tradition dating from the 1990s, when fascist skinheads or neo-Nazis were behind them. The study says that during the second half of the 1990s such attacks occurred primarily around Bruntál, Jablonec, and Krnov.

“While during the first half of the 2000s these attacks significantly declined (at least as far as we know), since 2007 they once again were added to the repertoire of the neo-Nazi scene, primarily of the autonomous and free nationalists. Once again, these attacks have been concentrated in two regions, Bruntál and its environs once more ( including Šumperk) and Central Bohemia,” the document says.

via – Experts say there is a threat of local wars between “ethnic gangs” in the Czech Republic.


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