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France: Socialist Party Candidate calls for internment of Roma

Editor’s note:  Hollande’s statements, made on Feburary 12, have been under-reported in the English media.  Please spread the word:  all top three presidential candidates (Sarkozy, Le Pen, Hollande) are a threat to Roma people.

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In a February 12 interview on Canal Plus TV, François Hollande, Socialist Party candidate for president in the upcoming elections, proposed as a “solution” to the presence in France of Roma European Union (EU) citizens “the creation of camps … to accommodate them”.

The association of a “solution” in relation to specific racial groups with special camps can only bring to mind the period of Nazi rule in Europe, during which not only Jews and homosexuals, but also Roma and gypsies were rounded up and sent to extermination camps. This was not lost on many French people.

Hollande called for the establishment of “European rules to avoid our experiencing this constant to and fro [of the Roma]. Let there be camps that we can decide on, that is, to avoid these people settling just anywhere … [to] enable these people to go back to Romania … and not then return to France”.



One thought on “France: Socialist Party Candidate calls for internment of Roma

  1. Such ignorance. Since when did the Roma originate from Romania. The Roma are just seeking a safe place to raise their family, a place in the sun, like any normal person on this universe. Canada should welcome them with open arms. They have gone through enough.
    We don’t want to repeat what took place in Nazi Germany, nor what took place in apartheid South Africa.

    Posted by Rosemarie Herrell | June 1, 2013, 1:42 pm

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