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HOPE not hate international: Stop the SS commemoration in Riga, on 16 March!

Tell Latvia: Stop revising history!

Since 1998, Latvian SS veterans and their supporters have staged annual marches on 16th March Riga to commemorate and herald these members of Hitler’s murderous hordes as “war heroes”. The numbers marching have increased over the years and are noweven condoned by Latvian officials and politicians including the friends of David Cameron’s Conservative Party in the For Fatherland and Freedom party.

On 16 March last year, more than 2,500 people paid tribute to Latvians who fought on the side of Nazi Germany in Waffen SS detachments during World War II but the Latvian Prime Minister told the media that he did not think 16 March had ,“a special significance” and claimed that so-called “Legionnaires’ Day” is used by radicals on both sides, “to confront each other”.

The petition against the 16 March event believes, on the contrary, that Latvia, the international community, the UK government, the European Union and NATO should condemn this disgusting Nazi spectacle in the clearest terms to ensure that Waffen SS criminals are not awarded “hero” status.

HOPE not hate urges all its supporters to sign it.

via HOPE not hate international: Stop the SS commemoration in Riga, on 16 March!.



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