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2012, constitution, economy, Hungary

Hungary’s Junk Democracy –

My homeland is beginning to resemble the post-Soviet dictatorships of Central Asia; some are even calling it Orbanistan. A number of young Hungarians are planning to leave, many for Western Europe. Most are the bolder, more talented ones, like their predecessors who left in the fall of 1956, after the communists crushed the Hungarian revolution.

The ones who are staying generally talk about what they should do with their modest savings, since the government has already reached into their private pension accounts. The state has appropriated what it can, putting everything under central control, into its own hands.

It would be one thing if our economy were doing well. But the three leading credit rating institutions have put it into the lowest possible category: junk. A junk country, with a junk administration and a junk prime minister.

via Hungary’s Junk Democracy –



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