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2012, Czech Republic, discrimination – Czech MP Chaloupka (VV) makes xenophobic remarks about Roma

Yesterday the Czech newspaper Parlamentní listy published an interview with Czech MP Otta Chaloupka (Public Affairs – VV), who has previously made it into the public eye with his verbal attacks against Romani people. Yesterday’s interview was no different and included an entire constellation of generalizing, xenophobic statements.

To start, Chaloupka labeled most Romani people as troublemakers and a burden on society. In his view, Romani people contribute nothing useful to society even though the state invests a great deal of money into them.

“What is problematic is that they cost a lot of money and don’t contribute anything, and that’s how it is with them from one generation to the next and they are making no effort to change that. They cost us hundreds of millions of crowns and what do we get for it? Physical attacks, robberies, shoplifting, etc,” Chaloupka said.

via – Czech MP Chaloupka (VV) makes xenophobic remarks about Roma.



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